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Fiberglass Doors

We can't control the weather, but we can choose the materials known for withstanding bad weather the best. If your house is located in an area where your door will see lots of direct sunlight, rain, snow, or sleet, a wood door's going to a take a beating fast.

Fiberglass doors offer a more durable, longer-lasting solution. In case you're worried that means sacrificing the beauty you would get with a wood door, a quick look at our options should dispel your concern. Our Fiberglass Doors collection includes a wide variety of choices, many of them stained to provide a close approximation to the look of wood.

The doors in our fiberglass collection include:
  • A variety of wood grain options
  • Many finish colors to choose from
  • Doors optimized for hurricanes and other rough weather conditions
  • A number of decorative glass designs
  • Energy Star-compliant models
These superior fiberglass doors feature an authentic wood grain skin molded from actual wood planks from the most popular wood species. Classic door designs allow for adaptability to any home build. Award winning stain applications masterfully capture the look of natural wood. Impact units for coastal regions are available and most models feature an outstanding energy star performance level branding them true premium fiberglass doors.