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Exterior Front Wood Entry Door Collections

Striking front entry wood doors will boost your home's curb appeal. Doors4Home offers a wide variety of wood entry doors, fiberglass doors and forged iron entry doors, available in various shapes, sizes and decorative options. We made it easy to narrow your door search. Exterior doors can be viewed by categories, collections, doors sizes, configurations or wood species. Explore our exterior doors below and if you can’t find what you are looking for just give us a call, we are here to help!
  • Modern and Contemporary Doors
    Modern and Contemporary Wood Doors
    Beautiful in their simplicity, our Modern and Contemporary doors make use of clean lines and geometric shapes to give the doors a distinctive look that's perfect for any modern home. You can bring a little art into your life, but keep it subtle enough to fit seamlessly into the contemporary home that surrounds it.
  • Craftsman Style Doors
    Craftsman Style Wood Doors
    Fitting right into homes built in the arts and crafts style of the early 1900's, our Craftsman Style Doors bring a bit of character and history into any home they grace. With a selection of creative and colorful glass designs, all set in doors of lovely mahogany, the collection makes it easy to embrace a new door, while keeping a home's historical style.
  • Rustic / Mediterranean Doors
    Rustic / Mediterranean Wood Doors
    For those with homes in the Southwestern or Mediterranean style, our Rustic Doors collection provides a huge selection of doors that will match the aesthetic of your home. With a variety of designs, wood types, and sizes to choose from, finding the right fit for you should be no problem.
  • Divided Lite Entry Doors
    Divided Lite Entry Wood Doors
    It’s all about the light! Let the light enter your home through your doors by creating unique configurations with various widths, glass options and profiles of divided lite bars. Some of our wood divided lite doors features historically-accurate designs often used in historical restorations. Other features clean lines with slim bar profiles for the modern home. All of our divided lite wood doors are constructed by placing wood muntin bars in between individual panes of insulating glass.
  • Artistic Glass Doors
    Artistic Glass Doors
    Our Artistic Glass Doors make it easy for you to bring more beauty and light into your life. Carefully hand crafted designs are set into strong mahogany true stile and rail construction to give you a selection that perfectly combines beauty with functionality and strength.
  • Hand Carved Doors
    Hand Carved Wood Doors
    We offer a lot of beautiful doors, but the doors we sell that are hand carved by master artisans are in their own class. With intricate designs etched into the finest mahogany, you can make the entry to your home into an experience all its own.
  • Traditional Entry Doors
    Traditional Entry Wood Doors
    Easy to match with any style of home, our Traditional Entry Doors offer classic styles at great prices. With tried-and-true designs made with premium wood, these doors are some of our best sellers for a great value.
  • Wood Doors with Wrought Iron
    Wood Doors with Wrought Iron
    Beautiful designs -- from scrollwork, to floral, to Art Nouveau -- mark this collection of Wood Doors with Wrought Iron. Made with several varieties of durable hardwood, yet featuring intricate designs within glass windows, these doors combine strength with delicate beauty.
  • Arch and Round Top Wood Doors
    Arch and Round Top Wood Doors
    Our wood doors with arched and rounded tops can add some extra character to an already stylish home. Whether you're remodeling and have an arched opening to fill, or building a new house and looking for something distinctive to complement your design, our collection will give you ample options to choose from.
  • Dutch Doors
    Dutch Doors
    Perfect for modern living! Keep pets and/or small children contained while still letting in the sun and breeze. Sometimes called stable doors, half doors, and double-hung doors, the Dutch doors offer a welcoming peek into your house while maintaining a degree of privacy. Dutch door is a door divided into two parts horizontally, allowing one half to be shut and the other left open.
  • Builder Doors
    Builders Doors
    Simple and affordable, our collection of Builders' Doors can help make your life easier. Choose from quality doors made by brands you know you can depend on, without worrying about driving up your project costs.
  • Fiberglass Doors
    Fiberglass Doors
    If you like the look of wood, but need something a little more durable, our Fiberglass Doors will do the trick. You get all the aesthetics of our wood doors, but can depend on fiberglass to withstand the elements better and for longer.
The front entry door of your house has to not only be functional, separating the outside world from the comfort of your home, but it also has to give the right first impression. Visitors to your house will see the exterior doors before they see anything you’ve done to the interior. Let one of our tasteful designs welcome people to your home. It will increase the property value and your neighbors will appreciate it too.