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Wood Doors Care and Handling Recommendations

Wood doors will boost your home's curb appeal and will last for many years to come when maintained and protected properly. Here are our recommendations and simple ways to properly care for your door.

Handling and storage

Never store doors outside when exposed to the elements. Doors must be stored in a dry, well ventilated area with an operational and balanced HVAC system. Do not subject unfinished doors to extreme heat, dryness or humidity. DO NOT store doors in direct sunlight.

Doors must be treated just like any piece of fine furniture, use clean gloves and equipment to prevent dirt and oil from penetrating the surface of the door. Bare hands can leave soil and oil stains.

Doors must be sealed (all six sides and hardware cutouts) with a non-water based sealer or primer to prevent undue moisture penetration or drying of the product.

Always use at least two persons to lift and carry a door. Do not drag or slide doors to prevent drag marks and chipping damages along the door edges.

Doors should be stored flat on a level surface. DO NOT lean doors against the wall. Do not walk or place other material on top of stacked doors.


Keep the door clean! About every week or so, dust your door to keep it in good condition. Make sure to clean around the edges of the door and frame as well. Use a wet, hot gentle cleaning cloth/rag to clean. DO NOT use harsh chemicals to clean as it can easily damage and destroy your wood and finish.

It is critical to inspect the door and frame for any damages at least twice a year. If you notice moisture damages to your frame, replace it immediately and look for the source of the damage.

Lubricate the hardware components at least once a year. In areas with high salt air, at least twice a year is recommended.

Regularly check weather-stripping to ensure your door seal airtight. Weather-stripping with cracks or discoloration should be replaced as soon as possible.

Annual waxing will help keep your door looking beautiful. The best wax to use is a very light spray shine car wax from brands like NuFinish, DuPont, or Turtlewax. Do not use furniture wax. It is not designed for outdoor usage, and will bake the finish in the sun and will result in damage.

You’ll likely want to re-stain or paint the door at some point in time. Make sure to buy high quality paint or stain that is suitable for exterior applications to ensure the door’s longevity.