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Exterior and Front Entry Fiberglass Door Collections

We can't control the weather, but we can choose the materials known for withstanding bad weather the best. If your house is located in an area where your door will see lots of direct sunlight, rain, snow, or sleet, a wood door's going to a take a beating fast. Fiberglass doors offer a more durable, longer-lasting solution. In case you're worried that means sacrificing the beauty you would get with a wood door, a quick look at our options should dispel your concern. Our Fiberglass Doors collection includes a wide variety of choices, many of them stained to provide a close approximation to the look of wood.
  • Contemporary Fiberglass Entry Doors
    Contemporary Fiberglass Entry Doors
    The contemporary fiberglass composite entry door series provides a truly modern, clean and minimalist design. Unlike other "modern" door series, the collection offers a true "flush glazed" appearance by inserting the glass panel directly into the door without a separate door frame. From the exterior side of the door, the look is sleek, without raised molding around the glass panel. From the "interior" side of the door, a flushed frame holds the glass panel securely in place.
  • Solid Panel Fiberglass Entry Doors
    Solid Panel Fiberglass Entry Doors
    2 Panel, 3 Panel and 6 Panel fiberglass door options. This solid panel fiberglass doors includes "Impact Approved" door options. Choose from up to 29 color finish options and 10 wood grains in Estate and Artisan collection finish options. Use the decorative door straps for installation onto the face of a door to give it a rustic, or craftsman, or antique look.
  • Decorative Glass Panels Fiberglass Doors
    Decorative Glass Panels Fiberglass Doors
    Decorative Glass Series features handcut and beveled glass panels with unique glass clusters and a combination of glass textures that maximize brilliance and sparkle while offering a desired level of privacy. Each decorative glass panel was designed, crafted, assembled, and polished with artistry and performance in mind. This collection features triple-thick insulated glass panels for improved energy efficiency and security. Six decorative glass designs to choose from and came color for each glass panel design is available in either Black or Satin Nickel.
  • Decorative Grilles Between Glass Fiberglass Doors
    Decorative Grilles Between Glass Fiberglass Doors
    The wrought-iron inspired collection of decorative "grille between-the-glass" or GBG doors are unique in their appearance, and feature simulated hand-tooling marks and unique designs. Available in all door sizes, there are six GBG grille designs to choose from. Each decorative grille is finished in antique black, mounted between two pieces of tempered safety glass. There are four glass texture options available with varying obscurity levels – all of which allow daylight to enter.
  • Decorative Wrought Iron Grilles Fiberglass Doors
    Decorative Wrought Iron Grilles Fiberglass Doors
    External Wrought Iron Grille Series features real handmade wrought iron grilles and textured insulated glass panels. This patented design features a wrought iron grille that is "hinged" to allow the grille to be opened for ease of cleaning. The iron grilles are powdercoated in an antique black color. Four wrought iron design styles are available, and each grille is available in four glass texture options with varying obscurity levels. The glass panels use tempered safety glass to make a two-layer-thick safety glass panel.
  • Craftsman & Mission Style Fiberglass Doors
    Craftsman & Mission Style Fiberglass Doors
    We offer two distinctly different types of Craftsman doors. One with raised molding around the glass, and a second that has no raised molding which is called "flush glazed". Choose from four different glass texture options to complement your Craftsman composite entry door. The glass textures are produced using a double IG (insulated glass) unit to provide safety, security, and energy efficiency. Three dentil shelf options are avliable for all Craftsman Doors.
  • Simulated Divided Lite Fiberglass Doors
    Simulated Divided Lite Fiberglass Doors
    The Simulated Divided Lite fiberglass doors series provides a selection of classic French doors and stylish Prairie and Craftsman doors. This collection of fiberglass composite doors will complement a wide range of architectural styles. The Divided Lite doors in this catalog feature double insulated glass panels that provide improved energy efficiency and security.
  • Privacy & Clear Glass Fiberglass Doors
    Privacy & Clear Glass Fiberglass Doors
    The Privacy and Clear Glass exterior fiberglass door Collection features a range of design options that can complement various architectural home styles such as transitional, coastal, cottage, farmhouse, new american and more. Many premium options are available, including 4 glass texture options, 9 wood grains and 4 impact unit configurations.
All our exterior fiberglass entry doors feature an authentic wood grain skin molded from actual wood planks from the most popular wood species. Classic door designs allow for adaptability to any home build. Award winning stain applications masterfully capture the look of natural wood. Impact units for coastal regions are available and most models feature an outstanding energy star performance level branding them true premium fiberglass doors.