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Dutch Doors

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Dutch doors - also known as double hung doors or half doors - are the latest and hottest trend in wooden entryway options. Dating all the way back to the seventeenth century, Dutch doors originated in the Netherlands as referenced in their name. Usually seen in period painting as well as early New England homes in the more Dutch areas of New York and New Jersey before the colonial American Revolution. Recently however, the Dutch door has had a revival in popularity, adorning many new homes' entryways all across the map. Dutch doors are some of the most versatile and useful entryway options as the top and bottom half operate separately from each other, allowing for a multitude of uses, such as opening the top portion to let light and fresh air into our home while keeping the bottom portion closed for children and pets to remain safely indoors and keep away the dust and dirt of the outside world. Many home owners use the Dutch door's versatility as a precautionary method of entry, allowing the upper body and face to be seen and interacted with, whilst keeping the entryway to your home relatively closed off. In addition to their functionality, Dutch doors can complement any homeowner's exterior home design. Dutch doors can actually be found and used in traditional, rustic, modern and casual homes around the world. All of our charming Dutch doors are made with the finest mahogany wood with a wide range of beautiful bottom panel designs options and many include an arch top and square top design. Available in a pre-hung option, you also have your choice from a large assortment of beautiful brickmoulds, stunning hinge sets, and rich finishes. Purchase your quaint Dutch door today to give your home the touch of character it deserves.

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