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Full Lite La Salle, Cherry, Knotty Alder, Mahogany, Oak, and Walnut Wood Grain Fiberglass Entry Door

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Model: Full Lite La Salle

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GlassCraft’s Full Lite La Salle fiberglass door features a Cherry wood grain when sold unfinished. Cherry, Knotty Alder, Mahogany, Oak, and Walnut wood grains are available with the Esta or Artisan when sold pre-finished. GlassCraft uses a unique technology process that authentically reproduces the natural wood grain surface into a fiberglass door skin. This authentic and realistic wood grain brings the beauty and warmth of real wood, with the durability and sustainability of fiberglass composite. GlassCraft premium composite doors are not just the best looking fiberglass doors available. They are also the strongest, best built doors! These doors are constructed with full length, full width door stiles built into BOTH long side edges of the door. In addition, these FiberCraft Premium Composite doors use a very heavy and strong top and bottom rail that is 100% recycled composite material. These rails cover the entire width of the door to eliminate any potential for water absorption into the interior of the door.

GlassCraft’s FerraLites External Wrought Iron Grille Seriesfeatures real handmade wrought iron grilles and texturedinsulated glass panels. This patented design features awrought iron grille that is “hinged” to allow the grille to beopened for ease of cleaning. The iron grilles are powdercoatedin an antique black color.

GlassCraft fiberglass composite doors offer the best choice in sustainable and environmentally excellent building materials available! GlassCraft’s patented process includes the exclusive BioFoam™, which is an environmentally friendly green polyurethane insulating foam utilizing low-impact, renewable, non-fossil-fuel sources including plant based oils.

  • Beveled glass designs with multiple glass textures
  • Insulated glass panels for improved energy efficiency and security
  • Authentic and realistic wood grains in Cherry and Walnut
  • Patented CFC-Free “green” polyurethane BioFoam core
  • Award Winning, Patented Low VOC and HAP-free finishing process
  • High resistance to extreme temperature fluctuations
  • Full-size doors for replacement in your current home
  • Limited lifetime warranty
  • Solid reinforced stiles from top to bottom eliminating thermal deflection
  • Pre-hung (frame) components are solid recycled composite material
  • Composite components are split resistant, non-splintering, no-rot, no warp, frames
  • Prefinish is available with prehanging option. Otherwise, doors are sold unfinished with Cherry wood grain texture
  • Picture illustrates a finished door with Estate Cherry-Cranberry finish.
  • Priced per door/slab
  • This door is NOT impact rated. An impacted rated option for this door model is available at an additional cost. To be approved by building inspectors for use in coastal areas, the door unit must be ordered as an assembled Windstorm-Impact Approved entryway. To order an approved impact rated door, please call us.

Door Type:Exterior
Door Material:Fiberglass
Core:Core: BioFoam
Stiles: LSL (Laminated Strand Lumber)
Rails: 100% recycled composite content
Door Thickness:1-3/4"
Glass Type:Insulated glass panels
Glass texture options:Clear, Water, Reeds, Rain
Privacy Rating:Clear Glass - 0 Privacy Rating
Water Glass - 3 Privacy Rating
Reeds Glass - 7 Privacy Rating
Rain Glass - 9 Privacy Rating
Glass Thickness:1"
Finished:Optional, available with pre-hanging option
Impact Rated:Optional, call us for details and pricing
Energy Star Certified:No
Warranty:Door: Limited Lifetime Manufacturer Warranty
Finish: 5-year Limited Manufacturer Warranty

Pre-Hanging Information

What is a pre-hung door?

A pre-hung door is a door that is already hanging in its own frame. By selecting the pre-hanging option, you will receive a full unit with the door prepped, hinged and assembled to your specifications. This complete package ensures smooth, easy installation with a precise fit.

Each pre-hung door unit comes with the following:

  • 4-5/8" or 6-5/8" wide composite jambs
  • Adjustable Aluminum door sill (threshold) in Bronze Aluminum or Mill Aluminum
  • Q-lon weatherstripping
  • 4"x4" commercial grade ball-bearing hinges in Oil Rubbed Bronze, Satin Chrome, Flat Black or Stainless Steel
  • Exterior brickmould
  • Pre-drilled door for handle and deadbolt

Frame Dimension Calculation

Width - Add 1-1/2" to the width of the actual door
Height - Add 2" to the height of the actual door

Rough Opening Calculation

Width - Add 2-1/2" to the width of the actual door
Height - Add 2-3/4" to the height of the actual door

Visit our pre-hung page for additional information.

Door Handing / Swing Configuration

  • Left Hand Inswing
    Left Hand Inswing
  • Right Hand Inswing
    Right Hand Inswing
  • Left Hand Outswing
    Left Hand Outswing
  • Right Hand Outswing
    Right Hand Outswing

Door Jamb

Doors are hung on composite jambs rabbetted and kerfed (slotted) for weather-stripping.

Jamb's width
To measure the width of the jamb, open the door and measure the jamb. Do not include any of the trim work or casing. For additional information read: What Is My Jamb Width?.

4-5/8" Jamb - The most common size for 2x4 framing.
6-5/8" Jamb - The most common size for 2x6 framing.

  • Composite jamb with detailed wood grain in Dark Toffee color finish
Composite jamb with detailed wood grain in Dark Toffee color finish


  • 4"x4" commercial grade ball bearing hinges
  • Full mortise, all steel base material
  • Non rising steel pin with button tip and plug
  • Rounded corner 1/4" radius
  • Finish: Oil Rubbed Bronze, Satin Nickel or Flat Black.
  • Three hinges are used on 80" tall doors
  • Four hinges are used on 96" tall doors

  • Fiberglass Hinge Options

Door Sill (Threshold)

Adjustable composite Aluminum sill in Bronze Aluminum or Mill Aluminum
Low-profile (ADA-compliant) and hurricane rated sills are available, please call us for details.

  • Fiberglass Aluminum sill Options

Handle Preparation

Standard Handle and Deadbolt Preparation
We will pre-drill the door for a handle with 2-3/8" or 2-3/4" backset.
Bore diameter: 2-1/8"
Backset is the distance from the edge of the door to the center of the bore hole.
Deadbolt is drilled 5-1/2" above the handle.

  • Standard Handle
    Standard Handle and Deadbolt Preparation

Multipoint locking system and handlesets are available! Please call us for pricing.

Factory Finish Options

Selecting a factory finish option will produce a door unit with a beautiful, protective finish that promotes long life, beauty, and accentuates the natural allure and texture of the wood grain. Only the highest quality water based urethane stains and top coats with UV inhibitors are used to assure beauty and long-lasting protection. The final top-coat provides a medium gloss finish.

Ordering a factory finish will add an additional 1-2 weeks to the delivery time.

Color Disclaimer
Colors shown here may vary from actual application due to uncontrollable factors such as the lighting in your room and monitor settings.
Factory finish doors are custom made and CANNOT be returned. You need to be certain that any slight variations occurring between the actual color, and the representation on our website must be accepted.

Estate Collection:

The Estate Collection Factory Finish options have been designed to maximize the beauty and richness of real Mahogany, Cherry, Fir, and Oak woodgrains and processed with long-lasting multilayered and multi-colored UV Finish. This 10-step finish process combines multiple coats of stains and clear UV topcoats with ultraviolet inhibitors to preserve the beautiful appearance of your door. Finally, a natural and authentic wood grain and color finish on a fiberglass door that has been designed to last.

Cherry Color Options
  • Cherry Cranberry
    Cherry - Cranberry
  • Cherry Mocha
    Cherry - Mocha
  • Cherry Sycamore
    Cherry - Sycamore
Mahogany Color Options
  • Mahogany - Cranberry
    Mahogany - Cranberry
  • Mahogany - Mocha
    Mahogany - Mocha
  • Mahogany - Sycamore
    Mahogany - Sycamore
Oak Color Options
  • Oak - Cranberry
    Oak - Cranberry
  • Oak - Mocha
    Oak - Mocha
  • Oak - Sycamore
    Oak - Sycamore
Knotty Alder Color Options
  • Knotty Alder - Cranberry
    Knotty Alder - Cranberry
  • Knotty Alder - Mocha
    Knotty Alder - Mocha
  • Knotty Alder - Sycamore
    Knotty Alder - Sycamore

Artisan Collection:

The Artisan CollectionTM Factory Finish options provide a combination of special antique patina, natural knot patterns and bur marks, rustic characteristics, indentations, pits, scores, and worm holes. These artisan finishes, wood grains and textures help reproduce six unique and beautiful wood grains including Pacific Knotty Alder, American Black Walnut, Antique Cherry, Reclaimed Mahogany, Rustic White Oak and Cottage Fir. Please note: The photos offer an indication of the final appearance, but due to variations in the texture, grain, and color of the fiberglass finish, the actual appearance will vary.

Artisan Craftsman Mahogany - Craftsman Mahogany combines the striking grain definition of mahogany wood grain with traditional arts and crafts style handmade doors. The Craftsman Mahogany door reproduces the traditional vintage feel of hand cut mortise and tenon pegs, and comes with your choice of 3 optional integral dentil shelves. Many original Craftsman style doors were produced using Mahogany more than 100 years ago.
  • Craftsman Mahogany - Espresso
    Craftsman Mahogany - Espresso
  • Craftsman Mahogany - Crimson
    Craftsman Mahogany - Crimson
  • Craftsman Mahogany - Gunstock
    Craftsman Mahogany - Gunstock

Rustic Pacific Knotty Alder - Knotty Alder has a beautiful-figured grain pattern with natural rustic knots and grain checks and splits that help make this a dramatic wood grain pattern. Our Pacific Knotty Alder doors precisely capture the full beauty of the American Pacific Northwest Knotty Alder wood grain with its closed pore grain patterns and highly decorative knots.
  • Rustic Pacific Knotty Alder - Caramel
    Rustic Pacific Knotty Alder - Caramel
  • Rustic Pacific Knotty Alder - Toffee
    Rustic Pacific Knotty Alder - Toffee
  • Rustic Pacific Knotty Alder - Sienna
    Rustic Pacific Knotty Alder - Sienna

Reclaimed Mahogany - Mahogany has been prized for its durability and is considered the standard in quality with its deep, rich, and warm colors and decorative grain patterns. It has long been the number one wood grain used in the making of fine furniture, doors, architectural paneling and trim. Our Reclaimed Mahogany wood grain captures and highlights the decorative grain patterns while reproducing years of natural patina and gentle wear marks.
  • Reclaimed Mahogany - Espresso
    Reclaimed Mahogany - Espresso
  • Reclaimed Mahogany - Crimson
    Reclaimed Mahogany - Crimson
  • Reclaimed Mahogany - Gunstock
    Reclaimed Mahogany - Gunstock

Antique Cherry - Cherry has a pronounced wood grain with lots of character and depth of color and patina. Used primarily for premium cabinetwork throughout the 19th and 20th century, Cherry has become popular with today's homeowners in other areas of the home including doors and architectural trim. Our Antique Cherry is available in 3 color finishes all designed to maximize the cherry patina and to enhance the decorative varied grain patterns.
  • Antique Cherry - Chestnut
    Antique Cherry - Chestnut
  • Antique Cherry - Rosewood
    Antique Cherry - Rosewood
  • Antique Cherry - Pecan
    Antique Cherry - Pecan

Rustic White Oak - White Oak has been used for years as the premium choice of cabinet makers and craftsman to produce the highest quality of stain grade projects that required a rugged and durable wood with a highly decorative grain pattern. Our Rustic White Oak captures this beautiful wood grain to it's fullest while also reproducing years of natural distressing and gentle scuff marks to enhance the wood grain. Rustic White Oak is available in three color options.
  • Rustic White Oak - Coffee
    Rustic White Oak - Coffee
  • Rustic White Oak - Hazelnut
    Rustic White Oak - Hazelnut
  • Rustic White Oak - Ebony
    Rustic White Oak - Ebony

American Black Walnut - American Black Walnut has long been highly prized for its dark-colored, true heartwood and small bur knots. It is a heavy and strong wood used primarily for furniture, flooring and gunstocks. When finished, this wood grain offers dark browns and rich black sophisticated and luxurious colors and texture. Because of this, it is well suited for use in upscale homes.
  • American Black Walnut - Weathered Saddle
    American Black Walnut - Weathered Saddle
  • American Black Walnut - Onyx
    American Black Walnut - Onyx

Shipping Information

We ship directly to any home, business or job site in the 48 contiguous United States!

Shipping rates: $195 for the first door and $35 for each additional door or sidelite.
Orders over $5000 will ship for free, no coupon or promo codes needed.

How long will it take for my order to ship?
Orders for door slabs are shipped within 2-5 business days
Orders with pre-hanging options are shipped within 3-4 weeks
Orders with pre-hanging and a factory finish are shipped within 4-5 weeks

How is my order shipped?
Orders are shipped directly to you on a solid and secure crate. The crate is designed to protect your door and ensure that it will arrive in perfect condition. We only ship with freight companies who provide our customers with an online tracking system and superior service. Shipments are fully insured by the freight carriers. We ship to any physical address in the 48 contiguous United States. We cannot ship to APO, FPO, PO Boxes or personal mail boxes.

Once your order is shipped, you will receive a tracking number and a link to the freight carrier's website via email. You will be able to track your shipment from departure to arrival, so you will know its estimated arrival day. The carrier is instructed to contact you prior to delivery via phone in order to inform you of the approximate delivery time.

Warranty & Care

We are proud to be an Authorized Dealer for the brands that we carry. When you buy from an authorized dealer, you are assured a high level of reliability and honesty. We buy directly from the manufacturers so that you receive only factory-fresh merchandise with a full warranty.
The quality manufacturers we are partnered with have product specialists who hold regular training sessions with our sales staff, assuring a high level of product knowledge. We have to satisfy their standards in order to become an authorized dealer. Our high level of service continues after you have made your sale. Our Customer Service Representatives can assist you with the delivery, exchange or return of your purchase.

Please read the manufacturer warranty and our care and finishing guide thoroughly and follow all requirements. If you have a warranty inquiry on any item purchased from us please call us toll free 1-877-929-3667.

Life Time Fiberglass Limited Warranty (.pdf file)

Fiberglass Finish Limited Warranty (.pdf file)

Fiberglass Care and Finishing Guide (.pdf file)

Warranty FAQ