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Why You Want Knotty Alder Doors

When it comes to designing the perfect home or composing the perfect façade, choosing your doors is a significant part of the process. There are myriad reasons for this. Some are psychological – doors, after all, represent entryways into a world not altogether the same as the one you enter from, and the door affects your perception of the interior space – and others, more pragmatic – certain doors result in higher home equity, for instance, and some are better insulators than others. Just as there are a number of things to consider when choosing the right doors, there are a number of reasons to choose knotty alder as the right wood for your door.

Why Wood Matters
The right wood makes a world of difference when it comes to doors. And these differences aren’t purely aesthetic. While it’s true that mahogany looks one way and alder, another, it isn’t true that mahogany and alder differ only in how they look, and the same is true of any pair of woods. Alder is a great choice not just because of its “personality”, but because it’s an excellent insulator when used to make solid core doors; keeps sound out of the rooms it defines very effectively; lasts forever; and is known for its durability, ensuring you won’t have to replace any knotty alder doors for quite some time after initial installation.

Visual considerations, while not the only ones, are of course important, and solid knotty alder exterior doors hasvea lot to offer here, too. From a design standpoint, the marble-like pattern of knotty alder doors gives them a more natural look and feel, and so using them on exterior doors can bring a unifying feel to the home. This makes for a powerful psychological message, by making it clear that, just as you were welcome in the world outside, so too will you be welcome within this house.

And practically speaking, it’s hard to go wrong with knotty alder doors, because they always boost home equity. This is both because they’re attractive, and because they’re durable. Knotty alder doors last for many, many years, even if in positions exposed to the elements. That in combination with their weight, insulating capabilities, and general desirability makes them useful tools when it comes to value-building in your home. With all that, it’s hard to imagine settling for a different wood for your exterior doors.