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Using Mahogany Doors for an Elegant Interior Touch

Mahogany is one of the classiest, most elegant woods there is. It’s used in just about any application where wood would be appropriate --- in desks, doors, counters, coffee tables --- you name we, designers love it. The thing about Mahogany that gives it an edge over its stiff competition is that it’s durable, heavy, high quality, and both aesthetically versatile and pleasing. There’s a reason most formal offices have Mahogany doors, walls, and desks: There’s no such thing as too much Mahogany. That said, you do have to get it right, or else it could end up looking a little bit out of place.

Placing Your Mahogany Doors
Getting your Mahogany doors positioned the right way is ultimately the most important thing you can do to get your design right. And by positioned, I don’t mean installed at the right angle. I’m talking about whether you choose to install the door in an interior or exterior position. Using Mahogany doors around porches is not a bad idea, but using them inside the house can often turn out even better.

There are several reasons for this. One, Mahogany doors are often solid core, meaning they’ll insulate sound much better than most hollow core interior doors. This, in turn, means the room you block off with the Mahogany door will be very quiet, making Mahogany doors ideal for offices and bedrooms. Mahogany doors in interior positions also make sense in bathrooms, as they’ll keep the heat in and the cold out, making for toasty showers and effective containment of odors that should probably stay in the restroom.

Mahogany doors also offer exceptional visual appeal. They’re aesthetically pleasing, and will increase home equity on that quality alone. More than that, though, the dark, smoky color of the wood works with just about any décor style, with the exception of chic contemporary or hypermodern --- but if that’s the style of your home, chances are you’re not even considering wooden doors, anyway. Another huge plus from a design standpoint is that Mahogany doors can be either central – that is, they can be the focal point of the room’s composition, if you choose to decorate the portal such that the rest of the room “flows out” of it – or they can be accents, as most doors usually are. No matter how you play with them, though, solid Mahogany interior doors are bound to play nice.