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Two Reasons to Love French Doors

French doors are becoming increasingly popular in the field of interior design these days, and it’s easy to see why. They’re classy, for one; easy to install; and can add a nice, exotic touch to any home, anywhere. When it comes to designing a perfectly composed room, what kind of doors you’ll use is a subtle but significant consideration. Hinge doors take up a lot of space upon opening and closing, for instance, and different types of wood have different qualities that might sway your decisions one way or the other. Here, I’ll present two great reasons to consider French doors in general, and in particular, on patios.

French Doors Use Less Space
Just how French doors take up less space might not be obvious at first. But when you think about it, hinge doors sweep out a full quarter circle at least, with a radius equal to the width of the door. This makes for a decently sized swath of floor you won’t be able to use, lest you hit whatever you place there with the door upon opening. French doors don’t have this problem, as they slide into the wall. This allows you to make the most of your floor space in any room. In the context of the patio in particular, this means you can sit or grill right outside the home.

Stay Connected
Another nice thing about sliding French doors is that, when deployed in the home, they can create a very open, connected feel. When the door is open, it effectively disappears, so that every room effectively becomes just one. On the other hand, if you want to block your office from the rest of the house, French doors can do that just like ordinary ones: Slide it to the side, and you’re good.

This is particularly nice on patios, for a variety of reasons. The psychological one is still relevant – you stay connected to the home through the portal, even though you’re outside of it – but there are practical ones as well. If you grill a lot, it can be a pain to have to open or avoid a hinge door when you’re moving food and ingredients to and fro, but a French door solves this problem immediately. French doors on patios are also becoming the norm in upper class homes, meaning that installing them in yours will increase home equity dramatically.