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The Glass Bandwagon

As an interior designer, I’m always on the lookout for the sleekest, most elegant, and most versatile home additions for my clients. And invariably, I always find myself coming back to glass. Glass countertops, extended glass windows, glass walls, glass desks. It might just be a phase of mine, but I really, really like glass, because it adds an elegant look and feel to a home that’s all at once futuristic, homely, classic, and modern. My most recent discovery is contemporary interior shaker doors with glass: They’re easy to install, versatile, and fit in just about anywhere.

The Benefits to Interior Glass Doors
Glass doors come in a few varieties, but the most common are the standard, hinge-turning door, and the sliding French door. These are both very easy to install, as most glass doors have a wooden or metal frame you attach to the hinge or the French slide, and the glass is added after the installation of the frame. This is a primary advantage to glass doors of any sort; they’re no harder to install than ordinary ones, and they carry a slew of aesthetic and functional advantages that you can’t find anywhere else.

The Best Places to Deploy Interior Glass Doors
Because interior doors are easy to install, you can put them just about anywhere you’d have an ordinary door. Because they’re glass, though, you might want to think a little harder about where you deploy them. I’ve always gotten the best results and best feedback from interior glass doors installed in shower stalls, and people are huge fans of frosted, sliding glass doors on bathrooms. Another place you can consider installing transparent glass doors is on porches, and balconies always take well to them.

Different Types of Glass
Glass doors aren’t all made equal, which makes for some fun for those of us on the design-side. Different types of glass have different applications, and include transparent glasses; translucent glasses; and frosted ones. The most useful of these from a design standpoint is the frosted glass, as it fits just about anywhere transparent glass does, is equally classy, and has the additional property of blocking people’s views, so they can be installed in bathrooms, bathroom stalls, balconies, and even on glass walls. All in all, if you want a classy addition to anyplace in the home, interior glass doors are guaranteed to bring a contemporary feel to anything you do.