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Teaching an Old Wood New Tricks

Sometimes, the best way to innovate is to use what’s already out there. The trick is just to use it differently. In other words, you don’t need to reinvent the wheel to reinvent a field: You just need to use the wheel to fly instead of roll. This holds true in science, as well as in design. I like to create new looks by using common woods in different ways, and one way to do this is to deploy Andean Walnut, a design standby usually used for interior doors, on exterior doors instead.

Why Switch it Up?
To be fair, using Andean Walnut for exterior doors instead of interior ones isn’t a radical switch. But another tenet of keeping things interesting is to keep things subtle, and this is a subtle trick that isn’t too common in the field of interior design. This makes for an impressive, difficult to spot but elegant change in aesthetics.

Aside from the visual benefits of using Andean Walnut doors in interior contexts, there are a number of practical advantages. Andean Walnut is heavy, for one. And in fact, this is one of the main reasons it’s used so often as an exterior door. It keeps out heat, environmental elements, and sound quite well. And while none of this is quite so strictly necessary with interior doors, it’s all nice. Just think: An office door that blocks sounds, a bedroom door that keeps the ambient temperature constant and disconnects you from everyone else, the homely feeling of a heavy-closing door. All this is something you can only get with solid doors, which Andean Walnut doors almost always are.

Something you can only get with solid Andean Walnut interior wooden doors, however, is the look of Andean Walnut. This is obvious, but also significant: Andean Walnut has a distinctive look that lends an air of elegance and class to any room in which it’s found. It’s not pompous, however, as certain woods might seem in the wrong design context (such as, say, mahogany doors on a play area). That makes for a remarkably versatile, aesthetically pleasing, high-class door that is everything in one.

Hopefully, this has opened you up to the possibilities of using oak doors in ways you might never have thought of before. While subtle, interior oak doors are almost always pleasing, and I’ve gotten nothing but positive feedback from clients who’ve taken the advice. Why not be the next?