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Solid Mahogany Exterior Doors

Nothing says quality like Mahogany. Whether you know it or not, some of the classiest desks you’ve ever seen were Mahogany; some of the nicest doors in the nicest buildings are Mahogany; and, in general, one of the nicest woods you’ve ever met is, without a doubt, Mahogany. That’s why it’s important to consider Mahogany as your go-to wood when you want to install luxurious doors anywhere in the house, and in particular, when installing exterior ones. Precisely why is more complicated than pure aesthetics – if you’re interested in the designer’s take, read on.

What’s in an Exterior Door?
The first thing you want to consider when installing a door is what you want it to do. I mean, of course you want it to open, close, and keep bugs out. But more importantly, what are the subtle factors you want your door to keep in check? Does it need to be soundproof? Do you need feel it when you close it --- that is, do you like heavier doors? Do you want a more expensive, longer-lasting door, or are you just trying to hold over while you complete renovations and decide what you want your permanent look to be like? The answer to each of these questions will influence your decision as to what material to choose for your exterior door, but in general, if you want a heavy, durable, soundproof door that acts as an excellent insulator, you’ll want a solid-core door of some sort. And Mahogany doors, usually solid-core by design, fit the bill perfectly.

Why Mahogany?
Well, as we mentioned above, Mahogany doors are often solid core. This means they’re wood all the way through with no plywood filler, and as such, are heavier, insulate better, and are worth a whole lot more than their hollow-door counterparts: That’s the first reason. The second reason has to do with look and feel. Mahogany doors just feel classy, as their dark hue is all at once inviting and authoritative. It can be homely and firm at the same time, something that lends an unusual, elegant, and strangely comforting feel to a façade or a patio. The last advantage to Mahogany exterior doors is their resale value: When it comes time to sell the home, should you choose to do so, mahogany doors are on the short list of upgrades that result in huge equity boosts. In short – you can’t go wrong.