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Pure Class with Artistic Beveled Glass Doors

Beveled glass just screams elegance. Anyone who’s ever seen windows, doors, or just about anything decorated with artistic beveled glass is sure to identify it with class, elegance, and, in some cases, pomp. While beveled glass can sometimes be a little bit over the top, if you get your design and room composition right, you’re almost guaranteed to cast a subtle light of opulence over things while maintaining a down to Earth, homely feel. While this is pretty easy to do with standard, swinging doors, installing French doors or sliding French doors with beveled glass accents is a surefire way to get it right every time – and here’s why.

French Doors Need French Style
While beveled glass isn’t necessarily a French décor element, it does suggest many of the things traditional French architecture and design seek to evoke: Elegance, class, subtle power, and openness. Beveled glass helps accomplish each of these ends; it’s not quite transparent, so it’s open and welcoming by virtue of being glass, but also lends privacy to the inhabitants of the house because no one can quite tell what’s going on on the other side. On top of that, they’re elegant, classy, and powerful by design – just as are French style Mahogany doors. The fact that beveled glass and French doors complement one another so well is just another reason to install beveled glass French doors.

Sliding Glass
Once you see a sliding glass French door, you’ll never want to install anything else – unless you have a compelling reason to shy away from transparent glass in a door. Beveled glass in sliding French doors is a perfect solution to this design dilemma; because it’s not perfectly transparent, you can get away with installing beveled glass sliding doors on your patio, in the bedroom on your private deck, or in the shower stall and bathroom with no problems whatsoever.

Increased Home Equity
When people buy a new home, they like to feel like they’re moving up. And there’s no better way to get people to feel like that then to show them a home with classy elements built right in. Because of that, having beveled glass French doors throughout the house is an easy, effective way to boost your home equity and ensure buyers will incline to your home before any other. I’ve seen it time and time again as a designer, both with my clients who are homeowners and with those who are developers. Trust me -- you can’t go wrong with beveled glass French doors.