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Prepping Doors for Staining or Painting

prepping door for staining or painting Remove all the hardware from the door, including door accessories such as doggie doors, mail slots, door viewers, etc. Remove all marks, scratches and scuffs with 220-grit sandpaper (this is the most important steps and can be expected to take considerable time). If you paint the door, fill any surface crack such as nail holes using exterior grade wood filler that is compatible with the paint or finish being used.

After sanding it is time to clean the door with a cloth. Remove all dust or foreign material. Avoid using caustic or abrasive cleaners. All surfaces of the door must be properly dry and free of dirt.

On doors with glass, the finish used should be flowed from the wood slightly onto the glass. This will protect against water leakage and will keep the "putty" from drying out.

For additional information please read our wood care and finishing guide.