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Interior Wood Doors With Glass

Older homes were built with interior doors that had glass in them. They were built this way because in the old days to conserve heat most rooms had doors so you could “close them off” in the winter months and not waste heat on rooms that you were not using.

These doors actually were quite lovely and enhanced the archetecture of he home. The glass inserts were easy to see through and allowed light into the room.

The Good News
These gems have returned to home décor. They are still very much functional and serve the same purpose that they did before. They allow light into the room yet offer a bit of privacy and of course it is much easier to heat a home that is compartmentalized.

Interior doors with glass inserts are a great way to conserve energy but they are also a great way to give rooms more definition.

Decorating with these doors is easy! They can make a bold statement in rooms that lack character. You can find these doors that have full glass inserts or partial glass inserts. There are some that have acid etch that are an excellent option if you need a little privacy for a room.

In the dinning room double doors are an excellent option. They make for a lovely grand entrance into the room and they divide the other rooms from the dinning room giving it a more formal feel. It is nice to be able to separate rooms with doors that are functional and look good.

You can opt in for stained glass options which leave lovely shadows on the floor and the walls of the room when the light streams in.

There are doors available that spell out the word Pantry in frosted glass to hang on the entrance to your pantry. There are lovely etched glass models that really can easily dress up any area. They are used in home design all the time to add some punch to an otherwise dull room!

If you have hollow core doors on your bedrooms adding a frosted glass door for privacy can really take things up a notch. They fit in well really in any type of home from rustic to ultra modern. The style factor too look for is not the glass in the door but what the glass is set in.

For rustic homes you would want to consider some type of roughed up wood like pine or even an oak while in a modern styled home you will want to consider a metal framed glass door that is maybe powder finished.