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Interior Solid Core Wooden Doors

Whenever I sit down to decide what sort of doors my clients should install in their homes, I take a number of things into consideration. Budget, of course, is the final deciding factor, but from a stylistic point of view, I ask myself whether the priority is haute couture style elegance or down to Earth homeliness, and whether the style should be modern, or classic. In the event that the latter is the answer to both questions, I always recommend wooden doors. Once we’ve agreed that wood is the best way to go, it becomes a question of what kind of wooden door we should select: Solid core, hollow core, hollow, or solid. Choosing between these isn’t so difficult, as you can eliminate certain options based on just where you plan to install the door – here’s how.

The Difference Between the Doors
Before we talk about choosing a door, you should probably understand what you’re choosing between. A hollow core wooden door is a door that is wooden on either side, with plywood in between; and a solid core wooden door is wooden all the way through. Now, each has advantages and disadvantages, like anything else. Hollow core is useful when you need to separate rooms inside, and solid core tends to be better when you need to deploy the door outside. There are exceptions to this rule, though, as we’ll see.

The Interior Solid Core Wooden Door Solution
While hollow doors technically do the job of separating rooms, you sometimes want a little bit more than that from your door. Bedrooms, for instance, are a lot nicer to be in when you can’t hear what’s going on outside, and the same goes for offices and studies. Bathrooms tend to be better when separated from the rest of the home by a solid core door, as well, because they act as better insulators, keeping your shower room toasty and the cold of the rest of the home out.

Because of this, I’m okay with most of my clients installing hollow core doors in kitchens, around the stairwells leading to and from the basement, and on rooms within bathrooms; but I know they’ll be much happier with solid core doors separating bedrooms from the rest of the home, separating the bathroom from the rest of the home, and especially, in keeping noise out of the office.