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How to Measure for the Rough Opening?

The most important part of the process when thinking about replacing a door is whether or not you will need the door prehung. A prehung door consists of the frame that the door will physically hang on by the hinges. So how does the frame hang onto the house? The jamb holds between the wall studs very well by a process called shimming. This process significantly reduces the chance of flexing.

This is important to know, because the actual frame of the door is slightly hidden from view. In order to measure the correct width and height of the unit, the casing or Brickmould needs to be removed. Behind the casing or Brickmould, you can take the actual dimensions of the frame and your rough opening. Your actual rough opening is going to be from one wall stud to the other wall stud. You will also want to measure from the top stud above the door to the floor for the height. There you have it. Your rough opening is found and you can safely shop for the correct door size.

For additional information visit our pre-hanging page.

Exterior and Interior Illustration

Entry door jamb width