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Five Reasons to Install Solid Knotty Alder Interior Doors

Choosing the right wood for just about anything is hard. Carpenters know that the right wood for a job depends entirely on the job, for instance, and those of us with a background in design have the similar problem of reconciling the need for a wood that can do the job it’s assigned as well as play the visual part we want it to. That doesn’t it has to be all that hard, though; it just means you’ve got to have a system. And the first part of that system is weighing the costs and benefits of any particular wood. Here are five good reasons to consider solid knotty alder interior doors over any other.

Solid Doors Means Pleasant Floors
The first reason has to do with the fact that solid knotty alder interior doors are solid. That means they insulate heat extremely well, so if one person wants to have a particularly warm or particularly cold bedroom, they can, and the rest of the home won’t feel it. They also block sound remarkably well, making for more intimate settings in the bathroom, bedroom, or office.

Feel At Home
Solid knotty alder doors are a lot heavier than hollow doors, or even solid doors made of other woods. This makes for a pleasantly weighty turn of the door and a reassuringly heavy close, making the delineation between that hallway out there and my space in here very clear.

Feel Natural
Knotty Alder has a very natural looking appearance, with characteristic black “knots” left in the wood from the parent tree’s growth cycles and a refreshingly light, stereotypically “wooden” color. This makes for a nice, natural-feeling addition to the interior of the home that’s a good balance between fit-for-the-porch and suited-for-indoors.

Bump Your Home Equity
One of the most practical benefits to a solid knotty alder interior door is the boost in home equity it affords. Like any custom wooden door, knotty alder doors add quite a bit of value to any home in which they’re installed. This means a relatively easy way to increase the value of your home that brings with it all the pleasure of living in a luxury home.

Enjoy the Aesthetics
Finally, knotty alder doors just look beautiful. While most people don’t think of doors as necessarily all that exciting, sitting back after a long day and being able to enjoy the feel of being home, the sound of the family, and even the sight of your new interior doors – that’s truly relaxing, and truly enjoyable.