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Finding a Balance: Doors and Secrets of Design

There’s no such thing as a central secret to good interior design. Unfortunate as it may be, that’s a fact. There are, however, certain truths that help those of us on the design side decide what constitutes a good choice, and helps everyone on the buy side determine what makes a bad one with nothing more than a few seconds’ glance. Ultimately, these truths boil down to basic psychological facts about human beings and what they like in a space they inhabit. Three things that stand out are openness, cleanliness, and delineation. We’ll get into just what each of these things is, and just why you should consider installing shaker style interior double doors in your home to ensure you can cater to each one.

With Arms Wide Open
Humans like to feel like they’re in open spaces, even if that space is closed off from the outside. This is why few people like clutter, even if most can deal with it, and why people have a tendency to enjoy, say, open beaches to dense forestry. These preferences are biological in origin, but for our purposes, all we need to know is that they exist, not where they came from. Armed with that knowledge, designers aim to make sure the space they compose feel open. That means they should feel big and spacious, and artistic glass doors are a good way to ensure spaces feel this way. Another trick is to install large double doorways, preferably with glass French door pieces. That way, both tricks are at play, and the space feels as open as it can: interior French doors are an obvious way to do this with ease.

Sleek and Seamlessly Seamed
The other two qualities of a space humans like are cleanliness and delineation. Cleanliness in this context has nothing to do with soap, water, and hygiene, but with the sharpness with a space is cut off from the rest of the environment. A good, clean cut makes humans feel like they’re delineated from the rest of the world, but also within their own space: Cleanliness, in some sense, refers to the perfectly clean union of feeling separate from the outside world but also welcome to it. Again, double interior French doors, with their large portals and the potential for glass inlays, cater to this fundamental desire perfectly.