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Entrance Mahogany Doors With Sidelites

Ask any interior designer what is the one major upgrade to your home that will have the biggest impact and they will tell you the that you can add the most bang for your buck by updating your front door. It seems like a simple fix because it is.

Your curb appeal is greatly affected by the type of door you have as an entrance door. Entrance Mahogany doors with sidelites are simply amazing looking. These doors give your home the feeling of an estate home.

They are a simple effective way to add some heavy duty class to your home. No matter what style your home is it can benefit from having an entrance door made of Mahogany. These doors are a classic way to highlight the front of your home.

Beautiful Wood
There is something so warm and inviting about wood. It just says welcome to my home. When you think of all the nicest looking homes you will realize that they all have lovely wooden doors that are inviting.

Mahogany is especially beautiful wood. It is dark and rich and exudes elegance. You do not often see doors made of this fine wood but when you do you easily remember them because they are so outstanding.

If you are looking to add a bit of wow to your home without making any major changes switching out your front door will do it especially one made out of Mahogany.

What Are Sidelites?
You have seen them before but probably had no idea what they were called when you did see them. They are the little windows next to the door. They are found on many homes. Some people have them frosted or use other decorative glass to help with privacy.

These side windows are a great way to let natural light in and dress up your entrance way. They look stunning next to a big Mahogany door!

You can make this simple change with a little help from a carpenter. The cost can be a bit pricey but it immediately gives your house the wow factor and is well worth the effort. It also will increase the value of your home and make it much more inviting.

All in all you can not go wrong with this type of door. It is sturdy, very attractive and classic. There is absolutely no better way to dress up the front of your home!