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Contemporary Entry Wood Doors

Looking for a way to jazz up your entry way? The entry way into most homes frankly is neglected which is so odd since it is the first thing that people see when they come by to visit. Recently two exact homes were on the market for sale and one sold for ten thousand dollars more than the other.

These two homes were designed and built by the same company, they sat right across the street from each other and each owner put the same amount of improvement dollars into their homes. House A kept their original entry door and put their home improvement dollars into new carpeting and window treatments.

House B took their realtors advice and worked strictly on their curb appeal. House B replaced their common entry way door with contemporary entry wood doors. House B is the house that sold for ten thousand dollars more.

The morale of the story? People lose interest quickly! When someone sees your home from the curb and your entry doors make a statement that statement speaks to them, in this case it spoke to them in ten thousand dollar syllables!

Same Old Same Old
How many times have you driven through a neighborhood and noticed that every home may be a bit different but they all have the same basics. The same shutters on the house, the same types of windows and the same entry doors.

When you come across a house that does not have the sameness that house sticks out in your memory. Different is good! Different is good because it reflects your personal style. If you live in a contemporary styled home why would you settle for a boring entry?

Well you shouldn't. You can easily make the changes to your entry way by simply switching out the doors. It is a simple change that anyone that knows their way around a power drill can make. It really is all about the value when it comes to your home.

Making a simple change will change how people perceive your home and how you perceive it. There are many different choices to choose from and many different options that come with those choices. You are certain to find a style that you love and that will greatly compliment your home.

Make The Change
Do yourself a favor and get doors that you will be happy to come home to and that will increase the value of your home.